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Crystallizing Enablement Requirements

The action lab format is a guided journey through the 15 milestones of sales and commercial enablement success.

Milestone 2: Crystallize Enablement Requirements

This milestone is focused on defining what’s required to evolve the function, including performance levels, output quality, speed, and impact for your internal customer(s). Gather requirements from the various stakeholders and functions you partner with. If you’re running initiatives, define what requirements others have for each. If you’re running a function, clarify that inputs and dependencies clearly (including ownership and escalation paths) as well as the outputs or service level agreements you must adhere to in order to be considered valuable. You will want to capture, document, communicate, and manage requirements in an ongoing way. To do that, the requirements should be validated.  Come to this week’s action lab to explore in further detail.

Enablement priorities:

  1. Clarify end-state outputs and services
  2. Document requirements and service level agreements
  3. Align capabilities to design for quality and operational excellence


  1. When defining requirements, it’s imperative to take an “outside in” approach.
  2. Create something that others can get behind and support by ensuring they see their contribution to requirements.
  3. Document requirements and make sure others are aware of them. Even if they don’t do the same for you.
  4. Salespeople are notoriously terrible about telling you what they need.  Remember, most of them have gone their own career with very little help from the company. Just because you’re in a role that supports them, doesn’t mean you are valuable to them.  You must earn their trust and prove you’re doing what you’re asking them to do.

Potential risks:

  • Remember they define what is valuable and meaningful.  Take the time to write it down, and repeat it back, in order to ensure co-ownership.
  • Requirements should be clear and binary (did we meet them, yes or no?). For example,  not factoring in requirements for outputs, inputs, and the handoffs within the workflows necessary to deliver; or rotating too much around individual people and not thinking about the broader system they operate within.

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Feb 03 2022


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 03 2022
  • Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Virtual with Orchestrate Sales


  • Brian Lambert
    Brian Lambert
    Founder, Orchestrate Sales

    Brian has worked in the sales and learning field for over 20 years. As a highly sought-after speaker, author, and consultant, his background is a valuable addition to program and project teams.

    Brian has:
    • Led four Sales Enablement Practices (3 startups, 1 Fortune 75 company), where he works with partners across multiple functions and groups to drive sales performance and accelerate strategic business initiatives.
    • Quota carrying sales representative experience and a sales management experience, increasing the empathy that our team has for salespeople who must represent the brand to their clients.
    • An Air Force Officer background that provides a foundation of leadership training and teams to help teams work together to pursue a common objective or goal.
    • A Sales Enablement analyst and research background with Forrester Research, advising leaders in the Sales Enablement and learning professions within Fortune 500 companies.
    • A training/learning leadership background, launching the sales enablement community of practice at the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), a global association dedicated to workplace learning and performance, where he developed content, tools, and training programs for sales enablement professionals to use with their own teams.
    • a Ph.D. in organizational design and management with a concentration in sales, providing him with the academic background to develop scientifically sound organizational strategies and methodologies.

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