Clarify Mission and Outcomes

This milestone is where it all begins, and where you’ll need to constantly revisit and update what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. As the function evolves, the tone you set with your mission, vision, and outcomes determines your destiny as a leader. This step represents your “license to operate” and you’ll want to make sure you have the right leaders engaged.  It’s very likely that nobody has thought of enablement as much as you. So, be clear, concise, and forward-leaning in your approach. Think of yourself as the CEO of enablement, Inc.  What type of culture do you want to have? What is your definition of high-performance? How dynamic is the environment you’re operating within?

Enablement priorities:

1 . Make sure the right people are enrolled

  1. Ensure the charter has the cross-functional buy-in with executives
  2. Clarify budget authority for the function


1.Start with understanding what your direct leadership wants and needs.

2.Make sure you clarify what impact to drive with the right sales teams. You don’t want to apply resources to the wrong problem. Sometimes it’s best to go where you can get momentum, if you understand you will need to keep evolving.

3.Take a disciplined and structured approach to documenting the enablement mission and expectations you are signing up for and accountable to.

Potential risks:

In this milestone, it’s important to be aware of all the different perspectives people will have internally about commercial enablement.  There are some leaders in the business you must factor in.  Do you know who they are? Make sure you role-play and practice, practice, practice. It’s very important to have a clear message you can deliver with confidence as you go through this milestone.

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Jan 13 2022

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