Ep10 Accelerate the Sales Process & The NYC Police Department

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 10

Are you: 

  • overloaded by your inbox?
  • concerned with the myriad of things being asked of the salesforce? 
  • Worried you might be contributing to the chaos? 

How would you like to move from being highly reactive to how you are enabling revenue growth, to being more proactive? 

In this episode, Brian Lambert & Scott Santucci discuss practical applications of using five (5) sales objectives to help diagnose root cause problems and then prescribe more integrated programs that move the needle.

Highlights in this podcast

1) How do you apply the 80/20 rule to sales enablement? 

2) What are the five (5) universal sales objectives (and how are they NOT a sales methodology) 

3) How companies who follow this disciplined approach have win rates as high as 70% 

4) Understand then for yourself first, and then figure out how to socialize them internally 

5) Good conversations about strategies on socializing the ideas inside your company. 

Join us at https://www.OrchestrateSales.com/podcast/ to collaborate with peers, join Insider Nation, participate in the conversation and be part of the continued elevation of the profession.


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