Ep55 Finding Hidden Gems: Unpacking Social Interactions To Find Insight

from data to Insight

Welcome to the Inside: Sales Enablement Podcast Episode 55

Our focus is on you a sales enablement leader and orchestrator. In your role, you’ve got to be mission and goal-focused to drive results by design, not effort, unlocking energy, and creating momentum and catalyzing change through collaboration. In this episode, the guys are talking about utilizing social media to gather information and insight. Not with the purpose of amplifying what’s already known, but rather, for the purpose of understanding different perspectives. A key concept of Orchestration.’

In this episode, we’re joined by Greg Smith, a long-time listener. He joins the show to talk about one of his most recent posts on “SDR bashing” and what happened when he posted, what he learned, and why the subsequent discussions were valuable.

That’s really what we want to talk about here is we have a great opportunity for an awesome topic that requires a good healthy exchange and conversation. When we think about digital, why are we treating it as a separate medium? Why are people using it to share information, instead of understanding different points of view?

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