Ep44 Women’s Panel on Sales Enablement

Cognitive Diversity

Welcome to the Inside: Sales Enablement Podcast Episode 44

At the end of our anniversary show the guys talked with Sarah Fricke who is passionate about laying a path for other women to join us in the enablement field while also while promoting the fact that there are many paths into enablement.

Sarah joins the show to host a panel with:

  1. Amy Benoit – Renaissance Woman Catalyzing Change, consultant 
  2. Lindsay Gore – Microsoft
  3. Hang Black – Juniper
  4. Sarah Fricke – RingCentral
  5. Alicia Leach – Salesforce
  6. Steph Bell – Salesforce
  7. Stephanie Middaugh – Divvy

The show topics include:

  • Share how great women forged a path in sales enablement and why
  • Share strategies of navigating career conversations within a male dominated organization that doesn’t have a definition for enablement
  • To help improve businesses by creating an environment where everyone benefits by the ‘melting pot’ concept of bringing people together.
  • The business case for diverse mindsets and cognitive diversity
  • The importance of allies in the workplace

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