Ep52 Orchestrating Relevant Sales Conversations: Two Insiders Share Their Work to Overcome Barriers to Sales

Sales Strategy

Welcome to the Inside: Sales Enablement Podcast Episode 52

What happens when you get people together remotely or in-person to build something to “help sales sell?”. Take an Insider’s look at what it takes to navigate internal perspectives, challenges, and vision to co-create value together.

Doug and Imogen join the guys to discuss their work. They provide real-world examples that illuminate and provide structure to the challenges they overcome while working with marketing, sales, and product groups. You’ll hear a lively discussion about what it means to orchestrate by blending together both strategy and tactics to simplify sales while achieving business objectives.

Take a listen to learn more about:

  • Why orchestration is valuable to executives
  • What orchestration “looks like” to the leaders involved
  • Ways to overcome internal bias and people who want to “steamroll” the solution
  • Overcoming siloed thinking by creating clarity through the work

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