Is it a Course? Or a Quest?

Orchestrating Business Impact Lessons Is it a Course? Or a Quest?

About this Lesson

Your journey begins with your first Quest. The Quest of Orchestration, and to become a HERO to your CEO. That might sound like hyperbole, but it’s not.

This quest is about your own personal transformation. And it’s about understanding your opportunity to create a new valuable capability that many people don’t know is needed or required, to sell platforms and experiences to customers.

We often hear about the need for alignment. About the need to get on the same page. About having more accountability internally to get what’s needed. But how does that happen?
During this quest, you’ll learn about the transformation from a doer to a connector, from a reactor to someone who empowers from occupying a job to expanding your role and elevating the function.

You will shed the skin firefighter, crisis manager, and project manager, which leaves you vulnerable, —- at least that’s what you think right? Aren’t you just giving the sales team what they want? Does this all make common sense? You’ll discover the paradox of enablement and begin to find your way to break from coordinating activity to driving purposeful action.

Then, through curiosity, reflection, and purposeful action, you will begin to arm yourself with a new perspective. I will help you unleash your ability to experiment, elevate your executive presence, learn to engage differently and in doing so, become transformed, now Heroic in the new frontier of Orchestration.


Powers of Perspective – STOPPd vs HEROIC


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